Tuesday, August 5, 2008

G.I Joe Carrying Cases!

Well this post is of the carrying cases that carried every kids Joe's into other realms of the neighborhood or school it self. The only one I had as a kid i will start off with, it was a case that attached to your belt like a Ammo case, and held three Joe's, it also doubled as a Star Fighter for me and escape pod for the Joe's when Cobra was woopen up on em.

Case Front.

Case Open.

Case Back.

The next case made in 1984 was not from Hasbro and instead from a company named Tara Corp. it is a must in my collection not only because it was given to me as a present from my sister in law but because it's really cool GI Joe art work.


Inside and the double trays.

and the really cool back.

And last but not least a really cool addition to my collection, something I recently snagged for ten bucks is a wall mountable GI Joe original case, almost complete. What is real cool about this is the pre production paint jobs on the Joe's pictured on the back. Luckily they came allot cooler than what is pictured, but this is a great piece in the Joe room.



And the Back. By the tare marks some kid utilized the wall mounting wholes!

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